Adult Nutrition Workshops

Child Nutrition for nannies and child carers, parents and grandparents!

This 2 hour workshop is intensive, informal and interactive. It was developed following a request from the British Association of Professional Nannies (BAPN) who wanted a workshop aimed at child carers who wanted to encourage their charges to eat more healthily. The workshop has been delivered to nannies, Homestart volunteers (a charity that works with families), mothers and grandmothers, PTA groups and has received universally positive feedback.

The content of the workshop is:

    1.    Introduction to the key elements of a nutritionally balanced child’s diet
    2.    Overview of key deficiencies in UK children, key allergenic foods in children and top five artifical foods to avoid
    3.    ‘Funky facts’ about commonly eaten fruit and veg to help child carers and parents to convince children to eat them up!
    4.    My list of ‘Superfoods for superkids’, why they made it to the top 15, and how to prepare them so that children find them irresistable

Delegates work through handouts that need completing as the workshop progresses, a reading list is provided and the the main books are brought to the workshop. Excellent Fruit and Veg posters (£2.50 each) are available to buy which demonstrate which vitamins and minerals are in which fruit and veg. There is also some of tasting during the workshop- to demonstrate that Kale crisps really ARE delicious!

Delegates say..

“Fully aware that my own attempts at healthy eating could do with some improvement and keen to ensure I feed my charges the best possible fuel for play, I eagerly attended Natasha Gavin’s workshop on ‘Nutrition for Nannies and their Little Nippers’. After an enjoyable morning of teaching, talking and tasting, I am delighted to say that not only do I now know what my charges and I should be eating, but I also understand why!! When I inevitably get asked this very question by curious youngsters, I will be able to tell them exactly why they need to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, because I know why it’s yum!!! Thanks Natasha, I’m already looking forward to more nutritional revelations at the next workshop!” – Alexandra Zetter, Mummy SOS Ltd

“A truly entertaining and informative workshop was delivered by the lovely Natasha Gavin of I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum to the nannies and Homestart volunteers of York. The ladies came together for a mornings workshop on how to encourage both children and parents (in the case of the volunteers) to eat healthily and discover the benefits of knowing what and why the food we eat is good for us.Natasha delivered the information in a professional but engaging way and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the content!”- Caroline Higginbottom, Regional Coordinator for BAPN Yorkshire and Director of Lilypads Childcare.

Tackling tricky eating in toddlers: tools and techniques that will help

This 2 hour workshop was developed by popular demand, by parents who wanted targeted help to avoid fussy eating in the first place, or tackle tricky eating problems once they had arisen.

The workshop will focus on:

  1. Golden rules and resources for avoiding the development  of fussy eating in toddlers

  2. Top tips and techniques for dealing with fussy eating

  3. Games and ideas for making food fun- how does the Rainbow Fairy work her magic?

  4. Individual cases: trouble shooting


Delegates say..

“I really enjoyed your workshop on Monday. The veggie and fruit charts are great in the kitchen, and we have started getting persimmon fruit!” Iris, mum, who attended Fussy Eater Workshop run by World’s End Chidlren’s Centre

‘Nutribullet’ your child’s daily food intake: increase the nutritional value of every meal and snack (1 hour workshop)

This popular workshop was developed to meet the needs of primary schools, where parents would attend for a maximum of 1 hour after drop off, so I have to get as much information into them as possible in that time!

The delegates get a practical handout to take away, full of ways they can boost the nutritional content of their children’s daily diet, and make significant improvements to it- sugar swaps, snack tweaks, breakfast compromises.. every meal is tackled so the parent is empowered to make simple changes that their child won’t resist. My exclusive ‘Fussy Eating’ checklist is also provided to help prevent/ address tricky eating, and resources are available at the session for parents to browse through/ note down/ buy. I remain behind at the end of the session for any personal questions about individual children. This workshop only costs £60 because we want to make it accessible to all primary schools.

Interested in knowing more?

My main aim in delivering these workshops is to inform, and certainly not judge, patronise or criticise. My approach reflects that, and discussions are often lively and constructive- I have certainly picked up some top tips from my delegates too!
Please email me if you would like more information, or if would like me to deliver this workshop to your family, mums group, NCT group, volunteer group, or nanny agency:

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