“Thanks for a brilliant day today- there was great feedback from everyone who saw you!” ~Shelagh O’Shea, PSHE Leader, St Gregory’s Primary School, London In another school, the teachers asked the pupils what they thought about our show… I wasn’t excited when I heard that we were seeing a show about fruit and veg, but the actors put the facts … Read More

Who have we worked with?

  Primary/Preparatory Schools St Benedict’s School, Ealing Mount Carmel RC Primary School, Ealing Spring Hallow School for children with autism, Ealing Little Ealing Primary School, Ealing Park Walk Primary School, Kensington St Joseph’s RC Infant School, Aylesbury St Mary’s School, Kilburn Aston House Prep School, Ealing Strand on the Green Primary School, Kew Minet Infant School, Hayes Miles Coverdale Primary … Read More

A Limerick

This Sums Me Up Nicely! A young lady named Tasha from Ealing Was struck with a very strong feeling Her accountancy work was good for the brain But she had young minds to inspire and train. Far removed from the world of of financial rags She would now be researching recyclable bags. Her passion for fashion was all very well … Read More

Vision & Mission

  I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum!  was formed because I had a ‘Eureka!’ moment several years ago. The idea for I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! came to me as I heard my three year old son calling down from the toilet one morning: “ Mum, I need to have porridge for breakfast and broccoli for dinner- I can’t … Read More

The Founder

Natasha Gavin, Founder

Natasha Gavin (nee Walton) Some things won’t surprise you: I am driven, determined and passionate (typical Aries, not that I really believe in any of that stuff).  Some things might surprise you: I was educated at the French Lycee, I have a Biology Degree (Bristol University), a diploma in Nutrition (School of Natural Health Sciences), and am a Qualified Chartered … Read More