Gardening Workshops

  A small number of nurseries and schools who visit my allotment on Journeys of Discovery  have asked us to work with their outdoor spaces, running gardening/forest school type workshops. This has ranged from running occasional planting sessions with small groups of pre schoolers during the growing season, to designing a brand new outdoor teaching environment/ garden..Our biggest project has … Read More

Rainbow Workshops

What are Rainbow Workshops? Our magical Rainbow Workshops are approximately 50 mns long, and are suitable for 2-6 year olds. The workshop, run by the Rainbow Fairy (either Tash or Suze) includes props from the show for primary schools (Dr FREG and the FRUIT and VEGETABLE MYSTERIES), but will also focus around touch, taste and song activities and games that … Read More

‘On The Plot’ (or ‘Journeys of discovery’!)

Alloment Visits during Covid 19 pandemic (Summer/Autumn 2020) I am delighted to be able to offer school workshops and public visits to the plot during the pandemic, with full support of the Allotment Committee and Ealing Council.  Family visits Visits will adhere strictly to social distancing guidelines in place at the time of the visit, and tours will take one … Read More

Adult Nutrition Workshops

Child Nutrition for nannies and child carers, parents and grandparents! This 2 hour workshop is intensive, informal and interactive. It was developed following a request from the British Association of Professional Nannies (BAPN) who wanted a workshop aimed at child carers who wanted to encourage their charges to eat more healthily. The workshop has been delivered to nannies, Homestart volunteers … Read More

Workshops After the Show

Aim of post show workshops The post performance workshops for Years 1-6 are designed to explore nutritional information that is referred to in the show or the props, but is not explained in great detail. Information conveyed by Lizzie’s mother and DR FREG, lyrics in the songs, and information in the Top Trumps cards, will be revisited to ensure children … Read More