The Founder

Natasha Gavin, Founder

Natasha Gavin, FounderNatasha Gavin (nee Walton)

Some things won’t surprise you: I am driven, determined and passionate (typical Aries, not that I really believe in any of that stuff).  Some things might surprise you: I was educated at the French Lycee, I have a Biology Degree (Bristol University), a diploma in Nutrition (School of Natural Health Sciences), and am a Qualified Chartered Accountant. I am emotional, far too sensitive, and love a challenge (the Eastern European blood in me?). And I have accumulated quite a lot of experience over the years- in training and public speaking, in being a professional working woman and a mum to two primary age boys who DO eat their greens, and lots of other things I am not as proud of- but don’t really mind. Everything in moderation, right?

I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! is my way of making a difference, giving something back and delivering Value For Money- something else I am passionate about! Put us to the test.

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