it’s EDUtainment!

“I wanted to say a big thank you to you & your colleagues for the wonderful show & workshops that you came along to do. The children loved them and I will most definitely be emailing all the other schools in the borough to recommend you.”
           ~Vanessa Kelly, PSHE Mentor, Park Walk Primary School, Kensington


Our musical theatrical production DR FREG AND THE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MYSTERIES was developed to achieve three main objectives:

–       to educate children (and teachers) about nutritional facts in a way that maximises retention of information

–       to entertain the audience using traditional techniques of humour, music, poetry, song, intrigue, special effects, relevant props and professional acting

–       to engage and involve the audience as much as possible and in a variety of ways throughout the show


Brief overview of the storyline

Ben and Lizzie find themselves on an adventure in another world. Whilst discovering the benefits of different fruit and vegetables using Top Trumps cards, they realise that their mission is to convince seemingly ‘evil’ old DR FREG to give back all the FRuit and vEGetables he has stolen from their world. But all is not as it seems..

In the end, the siblings succeed in persuading DR FREG to see things from their perspective, and they help to return the missing fruit and vegetables back to the supermarket- much to their mother’s relief of course!


The feedback from thousands of children and teachers that have seen the show is that we achieve and exceed our 3 main objectives outlined above. A combination of education and entertainment is what our show delivers- EDUTAINMENT at it’s best. Read about what the show involves HERE.

This is a photo of our most rewarding show to date. We performed at Great Ormond Street Hospital School in October 2014. Please watch the short video above to hear what the school thought about our show.

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