I Know Why It’s Yum Mum!

I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! is a theatre in education company whose aim is to explain to children ‘why’ and ‘how’ the nutrients in fruit and vegetables, seeds and cereals are so vital to their bodies. Our mission is to increase voluntary and proactive consumption of fruit and vegetables among children, helping parents to get children to eat their 5-a-day, and in the long term, to reduce the extremely high rates of childhood obesity in the UK.

I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! is a social enterprise company run on a not-for-profit basis, which means our key driver is achieving social impact and delivering value for money. We have NEVER disappointed. Put us to the test.

Natasha Gavin

BUT don’t take our word for it..

Such an amazing, educational yet fun experience. Who knew that there was so much you could learn about the nutrients in food in such a short space of time?! The Show, workshops and Be Sugar Smart assembly were enjoyed by both children and staff. Feedback from all over the school since the visit from IKWIYM and the Rainbow Fairy has shown that lots of us are trying to introduce more of a rainbow diet into our packed lunches and dinner too. Thanks so much to Tash and the team for visiting. We can’t wait to have you back again next year.” S. Redhead, St Joseph’s School, Hanwell (June 2019)

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day on Tuesday!!  The teachers were singing your praises today.  They all feel you delivered the message in a perfectly pitched way and I have even had parents comment on the show this morning. I will  recommend the show at the next school cluster meeting I attend.  We are currently aiming for an ‘Enhanced Healthy Schools Status’ and I will certainly be advising other schools going for the status to get in touch with you.” M. Read, Grove Infant and Nursery School, Harpenden (June 2018)


“I can’t praise highly enough the quality of the show and the workshops given to the children at St Andrew’s Primary School (Barnet).  The show managed to inform and entertain the entire school from Rec-Y6 for the entire performance of Dr FREG – not an easy task with such a wide range of ages! It has made our pupils consider the choices they make at lunchtime and we’ve happily had to ask the kitchen staff to increase the order of salad options available at lunchtime, as more pupils are aiming to create a ‘rainbow plate’ of food to eat. We’ve received both delighted and surprised responses from many of our Reception parents who were struggling to get their children to try different fruits and vegetables. Parents tell us new items have now been added to the weekly shopping list, particularly kiwi fruits, which featured in the show. We will definitely be re-booking a return visit of the Rainbow Fairy to our next Reception class as well as booking in the BE SUGAR SMART assembly for the whole school.” Jo Devine, Headteacher, St Andrew’s Primary School, Totteridge (May 2018)

Children at this playgroup enjoy visits from a local nutritionist who runs exciting workshop activities about the importance of eating a rainbow for fruit and veg, learning about healthy lifestyles” Ofsted inpsector who observed an end of year IKWIYM Treasure Hunt at South Ealing Playgroup (Extract from official report, July 2017)

The show was fantastic and the Top Trumps are a massive hit in our house, we LOVE them- pure genius.. clever Rainbow Fairy!” P. Loynes, mum of three 

Wonderful show last Friday! My girls were mesmerized and have frantically been counting their fruit and veg portions ever since! Top Trumps have definitely been a hit too and I’ve had to relax my “no toys at the table” rule so we can check out the scores of everything we eat K. Winter, mum of two

Natasha, the work you do is wonderful and your energy is so refreshing. I’ll be forever passing your name on!” E. Pinkster, mum, who attended a Nutrition workshop and whose children experienced the show at school and several Rainbow Workshops at nursery and in Reception.

Everything was SUPERB today- thank you so much!” Ben Tucker, Headteacher, Wraxall Primary School, Bristol after our show and workshops

First thing my daughter asks every morning- can we listen to my Rainbow Fairy CD today?” L. Nash, mum of three

On behalf of Tower Hill Primary School children and staff, I would like to say a big thank you to each of you for the fabulous show and the two workshops you ran at school yesterday.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with you during the assembly and in the workshops and will clearly benefit from everything you shared with them. We hope many other schools will benefit from your amazing assembly and workshops and enjoy the experience as we have. Thanks once again.” J. Fitzpatrick


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