“Thanks for a brilliant day today- there was great feedback from everyone who saw you!”
~Shelagh O’Shea, PSHE Leader, St Gregory’s Primary School, London

In another school, the teachers asked the pupils what they thought about our show…

I wasn’t excited when I heard that we were seeing a show about fruit and veg, but the actors put the facts across in a way we could enjoy. (Year 4)
I loved the Thirst Quencher Drencher and the fact we got wet. (Year 4)
I loved the Top Trumps cards. They were SO cool. (Year 5)
The facts told us why fruit and veg are good for you, and I liked them being given out at the end. (Year 6, referring to prizes of fruit and veg at end of show)
When are the other Top Trumps cards coming out? (Year 2)
Ben was SO funny. ( Year 6)
Ben made fruit and veg COOL (Year 3)
There was a good mix of everything in this show. (Year 5)
All the food facts were told in a fun and interesting way. (Year 5)
I loved the farting bit. Ben was so funny and I remember it was about beans pushing food through your body to your bum! (Year 3)
The show encouraged us to eat more fruit and veg, and made me WANT to eat it. (Year 6)
DR FREG was mysterious. It was good we never saw him. It made him more mysterious! (Year 4)
I liked the story- it all made sense in the end (Year 4)
The flashing lights were good- I liked it when Ben and Lizzie travelled between worlds. (Year 3)

So we checked what the teachers thought too..(via anonymous feedback):

Children were engaged throughout- a very entertaining show!
Great exposure to fruit and veg that some children wouldn’t have known.
Ben crossed boundaries which children loved, and will always remember. A memorable character!
Brought home the importance of fruit and veg in our diet very well.
Chant/songs used well and they reinforced nutrition messages.
Excellent show. Acting very good.
Great use of Top Trumps cards to convey nutritional information.
Super ideas and storyline- very original.
The music is very catchy- children were singing all the way back to the classroom.
Audience participation was managed well.
Actors conveyed messages clearly and in an entertaining way.
The children could remember the key facts several days and even weeks after the show!

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