Nutritional content

Throughout the show, the benefits of eating different fruit and vegetables, grains, seeds and water (hydration) are revealed to the audience. The selection of items has been carefully made to ensure there is a balance between familiar and less familiar foods, more and less expensive items, and fruit and vegetables.

Information focuses on one or two key attributes of each item, and is conveyed in a musical, visual, symbolic or interactive way, so as to facilitate recall. The attributes have been chosen to ensure children are receiving information about the key nutrients necessary for growth and development of primary age children, across a range of bodily functions and systems that ultimately lead to healthy bones, muscles, heart, brain, blood, eyes and skin.

Information is repeated throughout the show to aid reinforcement. All the nutritional information in the show and props has been reviewed by a qualified nutritional therapist ( Emily Fawell DipION,

Top Trumps

Most 5-11 year olds will be familiar with Top Trump playing cards. Originally popular in the mid 70’s, they have made a very successful comeback over recent years. The show is fortunate to have secured agreement and support from the company that makes the cards Winning Moves UK, to produce five cards for the show DR FREG, GERMBUSTER, BANANA, AVOCADO and RAINBOW DIET. A number of children will be given cards to refer to during the show. The Top Trumps cards will be used during the show and workshops, as they contain valuable nutritional information, and a complete set will also be given to each school.

The Rainbow Diet Song

This song is a key part of the show, and the workshops. The chorus is sung by all the children, and the two other verses are sung by Ben and Lizzie in the show. The content of the second two verses are explored during the workshops.


A rainbow is a coloured arc of beauty we can see.

Our bodies need a mix of food of such diversity.

The veg and fruit before our eyes is of such quality,

You’ll be fit and strong, it won’t take long, variety is key.

Green and Red and Yellow and Blue and Orange and Purple and Brown….

This mix is like the mix in food, just listen I’ll tell you how.

Bananas and Beans, Carrots, Beetroots, Porridge and Water and Bread.

The colours we see in food we eat are colours of goodness instead.

The goodness of colours in food we eat all work in harmony,

The oils in veg, the folate in fruit can help your memory.

Iron and Protein, the Vitamin list, Calcium, Water and Zinc…

Eat different fruit and veg each day it will help your brain to think!

Show package and price

Each show (including a 5-10 min warm up) lasts approximately 50 minutes. This will be followed by two tailored workshops (included in the price, for up to 60 children in each) which will last up to 45 minutes each. Additional workshops are available at extra cost, and can be delivered on the same day or a second day.

Each school will receive:

• A letter for children to take home to parents, explaining what the children have learnt about during our visit (provided electronically)

• The I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! Little Table of Great Goodness which sets out the nutrients in the fruit and veg, cereals and seeds in the show, with simple explanations of how those nutrients are important to your body, and handy tips for making them delicious to eat. This can be reproduced without permission within the school setting (provided electronically)

The price of your package will depend on the type of school, location of your school, number of workshops, timing of show/ workshops. But the basic package (show and two workshops) is usually between £300 and £400, which is excellent value for money, according to feedback.

“The Key Stage 1 children at Grange Primary School thoroughly enjoyed the acting in the show and the educational aspects were presented in a such a humorous way that children can relate to!”
Karen Merison, Deputy Head, Grange Primary School, London