A Limerick

This Sums Me Up Nicely!

A young lady named Tasha from Ealing

Was struck with a very strong feeling

Her accountancy work was good for the brain

But she had young minds to inspire and train.

Far removed from the world of of financial rags

She would now be researching recyclable bags.

Her passion for fashion was all very well

But her calling required focus-hard sell.

Any notion of wealth would be put on the shelf

She devoted body and soul to promoting kids’ health.

Designed to share what’s good for your tum

Was born iknowwhyitsyummum.

‘Dr FREG and his Fruit and Veg Mysteries’

Will get kids to love their sprouts and their peas.

Lizzie and Ben are the figures they’ll meet

Championing the notion ‘You are what you eat’.

Her Top Trumps cards will grip the nation

Citing energy, strength, protection, hydration

And brain power values of cereals and seeds

And foods essential to our daily needs.

It really isn’t hard to tell, her mission is to keep us all well!

So pay heed to Tasha’s Facebook Tips

And watch what’s passing by your lips!

The author has chosen to remain anonymous, but she is an inspirational friend, and I am very grateful for her support.

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