for Early Years and pre schools

What are Rainbow Workshops?

Our magical Rainbow Workshops are approximately 50 mns long, and are suitable for 2-6 year olds. The workshop, run by the Rainbow Fairy (either Tash or Suze) includes props from the show for primary schools (Dr FREG and the FRUIT and VEGETABLE MYSTERIES), but will also focus around touch, taste and song activities and games that are more appropriate to the age group. The workshop introduces young children to the concept of the ‘Rainbow Diet’, 7-a-day, and portion size with visual aids and real and artificial fruit and veg. The young audience is also taught how specific fruit and veg are good for their bodies, in very simple terms, and are allowed to handle the food during various activities designed to get them tasting the food without realising it. Children will be munching on their cauliflower florets and celery sticks before your very eyes! The workshops end with two songs from our unique CD which contains 19 songs all about fruit and veg (available to download on this website-see Resources pages).

Where are they held and how do I book one?

If you are considering booking a workshop for your nursery, pre-school, playgroup please email me at so that we can discuss your specific requirements, because the workshop will be tailored to your needs. In particular, we will need information on the number of children, setting layout and any allergies. We will select season specific fruit and vegetables as far as possible. Workshops  are £65 per workshop from Jan 2022. Numbers are limited per workshop except in a school setting (EYFS) where 30 children maximum is fine.


Our CD Singalong with the Rainbow Fairies is available to buy as a download, all about the nutritional benefits of fruit and veg for little people in bite size chunks 🙂 Please go to the Healthy Eating Resources page to download it.

A bit of tutti frutti feedback..

“I just wanted to make sure I passed on how fabulous my colleagues thought you and your workshops were! I have had such wonderful feedback and I can’t wait to hear about it and carry it on next week. Thank you! We will definitely be booking again!Thank you so much!” Stephanie Turner, EYFS teacher, Hollickwood Primary School, Barnet 

“I have booked the Rainbow Fairy to run several of her magical fruit and veg workshops and parties for my charges. The nannies and children always fall under her spell, she has a way of removing the ‘fear’ factor from veg, by tickling children with a giant runner bean for example, and the food games are such fun that even very fussy eaters often engage (and eat!) things their carers can’t believe (raw cabbage moustaches..!). As a social enterprise, I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! achieves incredible results on a not-for-profit budget. I would recommend Natasha’s workshops to any nursery.” Paula Vekony, Asquith Nanny Trainer and Nanny of the Year 2013

” The rainbow workshops are brilliant! All our children loved them and it’s given us a good base to talk about the importance of fruit and veg and why we should be eating our 5 a day. Having seen how engaged and interested all our children were, (even the most reticent took part) I would happily have paid twice the price for our sessions..” Ruth, Playgroup Manager, South Ealing Playgroup

“Natasha Gavin (aka Rainbow Fairy) came to both Little Cherubs Nursery Schools and her workshop was much enjoyed and beneficial both to parents and our pupils. She made tasting fruit and vegetables fun and exciting and since the workshops I have been told by the parents that the children are much more adventurous in trying out new fruit and veg as they know why these are good for them! A real must for any school.” Mylene Colvin, Principal, Little Cherubs Nursery School, Kensington

“When I found out about the Rainbow workshop coming to my area I was keen to take my 3 year old along. As a nutritionist specialising in weaning and children’s diets I often talk to parents about making food and mealtimes positive happy events, especially if they have a fussy eater. I Know Why Its Yum, Mum actually puts this message into practice, making fruit and veggies seem fun rather than a chore. I was amazed to see my son chewing on a raw bean and we will be trying out carrot snakes at home! I will definitely be recommending Natasha to my son’s nursery and other parents.” Julia Wolman, Nutritionist

“I would rate this workshop 10/10. You put so much effort into them and the children loved them” Charlotte, South Ealing Playgroup