Top Trumps

Most 5-11 year olds will be familiar with Top Trumps playing cards. Originally popular in the mid 70’s, they have made a very successful comeback over recent years. The show is fortunate to have secured agreement and support from the company that makes the cards (Winning Moves UK) , to produce five genuine cards for the show: DR FREG, GERMBUSTER, BANANA, AVOCADO and RAINBOW DIET. A number of children will be given cards to refer to during the show, and as rewards for participation. The cards will be used during the show and workshops, as they contain valuable nutritional information.

FULL SET of I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! Top Trumps cards (Limited Edition)

We are very excited to announce that, following collaboration with Winning Moves, we have produced a full set of beautiful cards, to leave with schools we visit.(You will find them on under schools tab.) The high quality and educational content of the cards is based on nutritional information, includes a few top recipe tips, and the nutritional categories and values have been compiled with advice from Registered Nutritionist Julia Wolman ( The photographs (taken by photographer Krysia Whitty) are of real produce growing on my Ealing allotment (with a few exceptions!) and include both the plant as it grows naturally, and the item as a child might be familiar with it. The pack also includes 5 special cards with illustrations by the acclaimed and talented illustrator Dominik Klimowski.

I do hope children enjoy playing them as much as we enjoyed making them, and as much as my two boys do.. and of course that they learn to LOVE fruit and veg without realising it, which is my ulitmate aim. Here is a little preview of a few of the playing cards in the pack (33 cards).

Since attending the show last Friday, my daughter hasn’t stopped playing with your Trumps cards. The whole family is learning loads about fruit and veg!” Clare Reichenbach

It really was a wonderful show and the Top Trumps cards are a big hit in our house too. Three cheers for the Rainbow Fairy!” Mrs Barber

The Top Trumps are a massive hit in our house, we LOVE them, pure genius, clever, wonderful Rainbow Fairy!” Pippa Lloynes


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