Who is the show aimed at?

The show has universal appeal, and will entertain, captivate and educate any group of children between the ages of 3 and 11.We deliver the performance to whole school audiences, and they love the show, from nursery right up to Year 6. The teachers frequently tell us how much they have also learnt.

We have found that the show also works well when it is delivered either to younger years (nursery, reception, 1-3), or Key Stage 2 years. The actors can then slightly tailor their approach, nutritional content, participation and interaction with the children to the age range of their audience.

We have delivered this show to state schools, private schools, international GB schools, non English schools overseas, scout groups, charity fundraisers, all female and all male audiences. The impact is the same.

This is Dr FREG and his magical chant..shhhhh…


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