Workshops After the Show

Aim of post show workshops

The post performance workshops for Years 1-6 are designed to explore nutritional information that is referred to in the show or the props, but is not explained in great detail. Information conveyed by Lizzie’s mother and DR FREG, lyrics in the songs, and information in the Top Trumps cards, will be revisited to ensure children have understood and retained the key facts, in a fun and highly participative way.

Rainbow Workshops for nursery and reception children cover some of the fruit and veg and facts from the show, but operate in a different way, with limited tasting opportunities too. Please see the Rainbow Workshops page for more information on the format of these.

Content of post show workshops

Each Year 1-6 post performance workshop will revisit the different fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds referred to in the show, to ensure all children are familiar with them, and recall why they are good for them. The format of each workshop will depend on the age range of the children attending, but the basic format for Years 3-6 will generally include three stations that the children move around, each run by an I know Why It’s Yum, Mum! member of staff, and a round up game session at the end. Each session will last approximately 10 minutes. We expect at least two members of staff to remain during the workshop.

The stations will be:

  1. Fruit and veg competition – Working in small groups, the children will revisit the fruit and vegetables in the show, whilst being reminded of the different nutritional qualities of each.They will have to match facts to different items, working in small teams.
  2. The Rainbow Diet song– the children will revisit the lyrics in the song, which will be expanded and clarified by the company facilitator. Reinforcement and recall of the information will be aided through worksheets completed in pairs.
  3. Design your own Top Trumps card– using the show’s cards as a guideline, and resources/ literature provided by the company, the children will create their own fruit and vegetable Top Trumps card.

The round up session will be a game, where the children are asked different questions, and then have to stand in front of the answer they believe is correct. There is also a discussion around the answer options as it is usually not a black or white answer. Some examples of questions:

  • Is fresh better than tinned, frozen or cooked?
  • What vitamin does my body make using the sun?
  • Is peeled better than unpeeled?


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